Sunday, June 12, 2011

Do You Know How to Do Your Own Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Buying your first - or any - home means taking a cool look at what you're about to invest in. Here are four major items to check out before you write your check.

• Sills, beams.

o Possible defect: Rot caused by moisture or boring insects.
o Check method: Poke wood with knife for spongy spots, especially near the foundation. Request certification of most recent termite inspection.

• Windows and Doors.

o Possible defect: Sticking, poor weather stripping.
o Check method: Try all openings and note kind and condition of weather stripping.

• Plumbing.

o Possible defect: Aging, leaking pipes; inadequate water heater or water pressure.
o Check method: Note kind of pipe (copper is best); compare heater's capacity with family needs; try faucets while flushing for steady faucet flow.

• Electricity.

o Possible defects: Insufficient voltage; too few outlets.
o Check method: Compare number of amps to appliance requirements; count outlets.

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