Monday, October 24, 2011

Points to Understand about Points

• What is a point? A point is a one-time charge paid at settlement when a loan is made. It equals one percentage point of the borrowed amount (thereby deriving its name). On a $50,000 loan, two points equals $1,000.

• Why are points charged? Because conventional mortgage loan rates are generally higher than VA or FHA rates, lenders often charge "discount points" to make up the difference. By paying points, a buyer trades increased initial costs for a reduced interest rate.

• Who pays points? A buyer usually pays a "loan origination fee," which is a service charge equal to one point. As for discount points, both buyers and sellers can pay to bring the buyer's rate down. This can be an attractive selling tool, and a great tax advantage if you're the buyer. Rules vary slightly for VA and FHA loans, so be sure to ask for specific information.

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